How to Choose the Best VPS Web Hosting?

In business, getting a website is extremely important. Many people today are using the internet to look for products and services. Therefore, you miss a lot of potential customers if you don’t have a website. If you have a website, people can see your business anytime, anywhere they are, even if your physical store or establishment is closed. You can even let your visitors contact you directly from your website to know more about your products and services or your business in general.

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Once you’ve decided to build your website, you will need a domain name and a hosting company to host it. A domain name can be anything you want it to be, but using or including your business name in it is highly recommended. As for the hosting, there are several kinds of it, namely shared, VPS and dedicated. Shared hosting is best for blog sites, dedicated is best for extra-large business websites, for business starters, a VPS hosting suits perfectly.

In this article, we’re going to see some of the tips on choosing the best cheap VPS web hosting.


These are some of the most important resources in the world of computing. No matter how large your storage is, if your CPU and RAM are slow, your website will be greatly affected. Choose a decent CPU speed and a good RAM size. Not having enough RAM and CPU can cause your website to go down or reject excess incoming requests.

RAM will be responsible for your website’s performance and availability while CPU is for scheduling tasks and serving and processing web pages.

Service Reliability

VPS hosting services are often more secured and reliable than shared hosting. However, reliability doesn’t really go on the type of hosting plan you choose but on the hosting company. Choosing a reliable company can help you save more in the long term. In addition to that, if your website is having technical problems, their tech support should be able to sort it out for your right away.

Service reliability is therefore, a very important thing to consider when choosing the best web hosting company. Try to find cheap VPS hosting with the best service reliability if you are in tight budget.

Company Reputation

In this day and age, knowing a company’s background has become easier, thanks to review sites like trustpilot, yelp, etc. Be sure to check the internet for reviews, complaints or recommendations for your chosen company. On the other hand, don’t let a few negative reviews set you back if you find any. Those negative complaints or reviews might have been a way for their company to improve their services.


No matter if it’s a cheap VPS or sky rocket priced VPS, if you know what you’re looking for, you can get the perfect VPS hosting at the perfect price. Try to find a decent balance between price and quality.

Access to technology for the less fortunate

How can poor families access to PC (personal computer) in America?
The digital revolution is to favor natural monopolies, to inhibit competitiveness and increasing inequalities between the richest and the poorest, according to the latest World Bank report.

Contemporary Computer Lab

According to the same report, the overall productivity slowed and social inequality has worsened despite the advancement of technology. Why does this happen? Because there are still about 4 billion people worldwide who lack access to the Internet or even a PC. Another 2 billion people have no phone and about 500 million live not even close to an area covered by the mobile network, especially in China and India.

In the United States, a poor is a poor.

The President of the United States had already evoked in the threat to “American dream.” Now a project of economists from Harvard and Berkeley concluded that the social context excludes many children from a future that could be bright.
The picture varies widely from city to city in the United States, and from region to region. As if the country did not fall after all the classic idea of “land of opportunity” but were a number of different lands – some opportunities, some do not.
In the same city, opportunities may also vary across a person living in an area of access to computers, easy transport, good schools, health care and a good community network to participate and help, and one that is confined to the suburbs, living away from work, either forced to spend several hours in transport or to leave the children in troubled schools.

The most surprising finding, for economists specializing in issues of social mobility and inequality as their own acknowledged in several interviews, is this: the world of opportunity that opens to a child born in a poor family today is virtually the same as It was 40 years old in the United States. And is below many developed countries. The consequences for a child born in a poor family, these are higher than in previous decades. So, how do the children in poor families and even the parents do when they don´t have a personal computer to investigate, work, or even have some fun? They have some options.

The community offers PC users at schools, libraries. But that sometimes is not enough. The materials offered in these places are not the best, the schedules are not coincident with family needs. Maybe there should be some kind of structure that allows the rich to help the poor. Why don´t the big firms, when they change their Pcs offer them to the poor communities?

“We’re better than this”
Over time, the last four to five decades, which could have improved with a wider offer of scholarships and new career opportunities for women and minorities was eventually offset by the sharp increase in inequalities between rich and poor.

The American press provides that the issue of mobility (this could refer also to having access to PC and the internet) – this way associated with the growing inequality – is now, even more, likely to enter the political discourse. And to change the contours that define the idea of the “American Dream” and the United States as a “land of opportunity”.

“The idea that so many children are born poor in the richest nation in the world is already causing consternation. But the idea that a child will never be able to escape poverty by not having opportunities for education and health should disgust us all and force us to act. As a country, we are better than this, “Obama said.